Saturday, 5 July 2014

Return of Incred Hulkie

Okay, so the previous one I watched was the second movie, and this is the first one, and I can only find clips of the third.

Banner is back after several Hulk free years, and has at least built something that will cure him... until Donald Blake steps in and stops the machine so he can whine. Seriously, the big solution to Banner's life is stopped because some old kid he met decided he needed someone to talk to and broke in this institute so he could pull the plug at the last second! It seems that Blake's problem is that he got a hold of Thor's hammer and can now summon Thor whenever. Which he does. Then Thor and Hulk fight... and after that they all have a heart to heart, until Bad Guys want Banner to steal for them the new tech, and then Thor and Hulk fight them. The end.

This is supposed to bring in Thor in the same way the next would Daredevil, but Blake is whiny and Thor is just an exaggerated caricature. Not that Thor is ever the deepest character, but here you could take a stereotype version of Thor and still get someone with more complexity than what we are presented with. And the rest of the story just isn't interesting, and isn't related to our characters other than they just happen to be there.

Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno are fine, but Steve Levitt and Eric Allan Kramer and Blake and Thor are not. We also get the return of Jack Colvin as McGee, but there's as much point as to him being in this as in any Hulk story.

Not a great start. A second middle, but now I need to see if I can find the end...


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