Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Great Museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna is considered The Great Museum.

This movie focuses on the introduction of a new exhibit, whereby we see the old room cleaned out and the new pieces being prepared. Which made me think “once you are a piece of art, you are causing a lot of work for people to keep you clean”. We see quite a few pieces being cleaned, and discussion of what the museum needs to be successful, and we get up to the actual opening (and that’s when the movie ends).

It’s an interesting look behind the workings of the museum. It’s presented as just people getting on with work, and no talking heads. And it’s put together well enough that we don’t need that. I do like documentaries that let the subjects unfold without help (not all movies pull this off).

While 90 minutes feels like it could have been longer, there is a three hour museum movie on as well… I suspect I will end up preferring this.


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