Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Studio Ghibli does great movies, but what goes on in The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness?

While there is something about the history of Ghibli, this movie is mainly focused on the production of The Wind Rises (so there are sort of spoilers for that). We follow Miyazaki as he creates the storyboards, then goes through some of the other production moments. We see Miyazaki spend a lot of energy on this, so it is not shocking that this is his final movie.

I could of done with a little more reminding who people were, and their relationship to the production process, because there are many important people, and the movie introduces them once then leaves you to remember who they are. This is really about Miyazaki's current movie, so there could easily be another movie talking about Studio Ghibli itself.

If you like Ghibli and want to know more about behind the scenes, of course you are going to watch this.


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