Friday, 1 August 2014

One Night Live

The Last of Us was a big deal computer game. There was a lot of cut scenes in which actors were mocapped and animated. But how much of the actor's performance can really be captured?

Here's a chance to find out. This is a collection of scenes as played live by the actors involved. And it jumps around a LOT. And you better know the story, because it could easily get confusing (I've seen two LPs of it... it is a Playstation only game, so no chance of me playing it on my computer), and this will spoil the story.

It's an interesting peek, but it is only a peek into a couple of the scenes. And quite brief. And after each brief scene is a round of applause. Oh, this is dragged out... and it's only an hour! That said, there are a few good moments of acting in there.

And you won't believe that ending...

And skip about 30 minutes in, as it is just countdown.

(They could have had this song in there!)


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