Thursday, 21 August 2014

Dirty Wars

There is a lot of action over in the Eastern Countries, but what do we really hear about the smaller fights? This is a matter of Dirty Wars.

Jeremy Scahill is a journalist that covers battles in the African countries, and finds out that there are villages being attacked that aren't covered by the news. And aren't even supposed to be at war. Behind it is the group of the Joint Special Operations Command. He uncovers a lot about them but when they come to the fore for killing Bin Laden, they can do no wrong, and thus are immune to any revelations he would have. And now, they are capable of killing Americans if they want to...

In many ways, because I am cynical, it's hard to see this as new news. America = doing bad things over seas is a known thing by this point. This movie puts some more human faces on the moment, but since it is allowed to come out, it's hard to see that the military considers this much of a threat to them. And I'm not sure, but while there is a lot of camera footage, either they were very lucky, or some scenes were recreated.

A rather despairing look at the actions of some of America's forces...


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