Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Dongeons and Drogons

And here we are with the first movie. I believe the trumpet sound is 'wah wah waaaah'.

When you think of D&D, what comes to mind? One person going off an having adventures of their own, leaving their party behind? Then this is the movie for you! This is all about Riley and his quest for mage booty, as he gets caught up in needing to get the doohicky to save the thingmabob before the whosits gets the blahdeblah. While there are a couple of dragons, there isn't much dungeon to speak of.

We have all the actors you've heard from. Marlon Wayans pulling a full Chris Tucker. Richard O'Brien regretting being in this. Justin Whaylin playing Indiana Jones... seriously, this movie pulls a LOT from Indiana Jones. I was facepalming at how bad it got. Lee Arenberg willing to give it a go, Kristen Wilson being far too serious for this, and Zoe McLellan losing the battle to play the tone properly. Bruce Payne doesn't match his blue lipstick, and then there's Jeremy Irons... over hamming everywhere. Not even Tom Baker can help this.

Production side, this had all the money thrown at it, and it doesn't quite pull it off. Some sets are well done, but some prosthetics wobble terribly, and some CGI is just horrendous.

I can see why this is panned, deservedly so. A rewatch doesn't make it better.

And, unlike the others, this one can't be watched on Youtube:


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