Sunday, 17 August 2014

Expandables 3

Hey, it's that new movie in the series no-one wanted once they actually saw the first one... and I can't remember the second one... but I'm sure they'll get it right this time, with it being PG-13 and all...

The plot goes: Barney gets a job. He gets some people together. They go do the job. It goes to shit and they barely get away while blowing things up... and repeat three or four times. Because that is all that happens, the same thing over and over again. Yeah, there's some back story with Mel Gibson, and they have younger actors I haven't heard of, and really old action people, but it is just the same thing repeated.

Which isn't to say this is bad. Indeed, of all the Expend movies so far, this one is the best! I rather enjoyed it. I'm not sure if its lower aim helped, or maybe I was in a good mood, but this is the best of them.

And there's a full cast here, mixing one and two together (although no Mickey Rourke), and they recycle Arnold Schwarzenegger, and get others in, and hey, it's Harrison Fo... oh dear... I have to say he does not look good at all. Take his performance in Firewall, multiply it by Crystal Skull, and then let it go worse... give that man a lifetime achievement award and ask no more of him... J J, I'm looking you... this is not going to be pretty...

Anyway, this is just silly and... doesn't need to be two hours, but there you go... Although I expect most people will just go see Guardians again.


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