Monday, 18 August 2014

Wroth of the Drogon God

I did see the first D&D movie, and had no interest in the others (once I found out there were others). But Jimothy raved about the second movie, and so I put it in my eyeballs.

This is a more D&D style movie, in that we get a party of the fighter, the mage, the cleric, the barbarian and the rogue. So there's that. And they have to go from encounter to encounter in a rather linear fashion, dealing with items and creatures familiar to those of us of the roleplaying persuasion. There's also a dragon threatening a village in a manner that made me think of Smaug (even if it is a dragonlich and they don't use an arrow to shoot it in its vunerables). Basically, this is more D&D than the first movie was (although that's not hard).

Bruce Payne (returns? I don't remember the first that well) is Damodar, the extremely British villain, in the style of a Richard O'Brien or a Peter Woodward. And taking it about as seriously. And while there are probably others, we do have a Doctor Who connection with Lucy "Kathy Nightingale" Gaskell. And there are others in this as well. The production is rather obvious, in that the effects are very obvious.

A better movie than I would have thought... now, do I have the courage to see the third one?

And, of course, in no way would I help you see this by putting in the youtube video...


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