Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Reign of Winter

After resting in a room, we headed out into a mausoleum... which interested me not at all. While they walk around doing brainy things, I wait impatiently until we go through the obvious door. Which goes down a corridor to another door. The excitement keeps piling up. The others go back while the thief opens the door, and so miss the moment when we walk in and I am attacked.

And easily hit. And then crippled. Seriously, if it wasn't for that this fight wouldn't be the slog it turned into being. We all chip away at the creature until she is finally put down, but spell wads are blown and a long time is had. After that, we wander the room, find a few exits, and randomly pick one because the later door is different.

Inside, we find webs. And a large spider. Or, more accurately, a Huge spider. However, with the focussed abilities of the group, this fight is over a lot quicker with a lot less pain. Well, somewhat less pain. Me and the halfling are slashed and crippled by the spider attacks, so we retreat back to our room from before, seal ourselves in, and wait out spell renewal to heal ourselves...

[And because of leave, the next game will be a month away!]


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