Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Another Sharkynardo

Because they couldn't keep a good thing down... nor this! (Ba dum tish!) Monday night is usually classy movie time... but not today.

What's one sharknado without another one? Time in New York City. With the husband and wife on good terms, we get a new family dynamic of the sister and her family, and the exciting times that must be had while trying to get them back together while sharks are raining down... and that's about the start and end of it.

I had to admit, I was laughing every time a shark attacked someone. The effects are just so cartoony! I can't take it seriously! (But then, neither do the movie producers.)

There are tons of cameos in this. We start with Robert Hays as the pilot (no wonder I got an Airplane vibe), and Anne and Wil Wheaton, and Judd Hirsch... and many others, lured by the siren call of being in an Asylum movie??? And it seems this movie was sponsored by Subway and the Today show...

It's a stupid movie that knows what it is... and just aims for that, and is enough.


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