Thursday, 4 September 2014

Batman Arkhault on Assam

This is supposed to take place between the two big Batman games... which I haven't played (I've got them, but haven't gotten around to playing them), so I can come at this movie without being influenced by that... although given what I do know about them, I have no idea how this fits in with it...

Anyhoo, in this movie, Riddler gets captured and put in Arkham Asylum. Amanda Waller gets together Taskforce X (aka the Suicide Squad), a bunch of C and D lister villains to break in and find the item. So we have Deadshot (heard of him), Harley Quinn (ditto), Killer Frost (maybe?), King Shark (who?), Black Spider (who? and DC got this before Marvel did?), and KGBeast... who is quickly not in this. That's particular thing about this, this movie is willing to kill off people, and not just the nameless unknown guards. Actual villains end up dead too, but I'm not saying who. But yeah, they break in, but then that plot takes a back seat to the sub plot of Joker having a nuclear bomb which takes over the end of the movie and... it gets a bit of a mess with lots of references and the obligatory Bane appearance and it's not a great ending...

The problem with the Suicide Squad is that the villains are working with each other because of a threat, and so we get so much squabbling between them that you can't believe that they are a cohesive team. And the changing nature of the plot doesn't help make the movie cohesive either as the main leads suddenly take background positions. Who thought that was a good idea?

And speaking of ideas: both the women in this have moments where they are showing off their breasts to cause a distraction. Equality for women!

It's a decent enough movie, because it's a DC animated movie, but it's hard to say there's a real need for it.


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