Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Reign of Winter

After looking around, we decided to rest instead in the spider room, and feel a lot better! [Level 8 better.]

We could go back... or we could wander downwards. We do so, and come to a door, which is locked. We open it and find it is "the way to do the croning". Well, we don't want any croning, but it sounds like an interesting way to go, so off we go, with me leading the way.

Which means I'm the first to hit the glyph that make me old. While the others stand around and talk, I get annoyed, rage out, and charge down the rest of the stairs, triggering all sorts of other effects, until I hit a stone door. The others come down more cautiously and get to the last glyph... which kills Liddick. Stone dead, no chance at revival, dead. Wow, first party death!

We stay put and let the Cleric rest and charge up spells to heal all the various effects we've taken, then we proceed onwards (with not much of a funeral for Liddick), and find a field with an old crone in it, who warns us it won't be easy and then disappears. The field then becomes a room, and we find a female monk called [Insert Name Here], whom we take into our party without discussion, because that's how PCs roll.

Heading out, we find a large bright chamber, and have some actual combat! Woo! It's not too much of a problem, but then the Mage goes and does something stupid... and freeze!


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