Monday, 8 September 2014

DW 8.03

I'm gonna say it. The title of this episode is just stupid. And it gives away far too much. And another historical adventure written by Mark Gatiss? Are we needing another one of those?

Storywise this didn't do anything too spectacular. We repeat various scenes from Robin's legend, and then I get reminded of Fires of Pompeii's "hey, this is actually circuitry" moment. The reveal of robots and spaceship is just another example of "let's insert alien bits into history", because it's always alien bits in history! History cannot be allowed to be humans only, it must be aliens! And then one last little bit of golden arrow to fix everything? Bollocks!

Peter Capaldi just seems to have one mode: annoyed/grumpy. Nearly all his scenes in this involve him being ticked off by everything. And Jenna Coleman is largely one note as well. Tom Riley is very dashing, and then...

Okay, someone give Ben Miller the role of the Master! Whenever he was on screen, I kept thinking "that's the Master! that's the Master right there!" His sword fighting was little weak, but his performance otherwise was marvellous. (And why didn't he show up with Missy?)

In many ways I did enjoy this more than I have the previous episodes, but the plot is just pants.

Next week: has potential, but I can see them whizzing it down their legs...



evildicemonkey said...

Not even necessarily the legend of; at the very beginning with the bridge piece I was going "Really? You're redoing the Kevin Costner bit?"
Cue several other cliche bits and then they show that the aliens* had records on Robin Hood, "Excellent" I said, "No wonder it looked like the film, the Robin Robot was drawing on that as its experience, it makes sense now." ... Nope.

*and ship crashing Robots trapped on Earth? Not going to bother to make them the same lot as last time so the Doctor knows he would face them 'again' in the first episode, that would make for continuity and planning, no danger of that happening in this series it seems.

Jamas Enright said...

Well, they did reference "The Promised Land". (I haven't checked, but I'm guessing that's the name of the last/second to last episode.)

And shame on them for not referencing:

evildicemonkey said...

Yep, the best Robin.
I still have that album, on tape!

But the Promised Land? I figure that is where Missy is, so inserting a small reference to the 'overarcing story' as they tend to do with new Who is not unusual, but it's not the same as having continuity between episodes.

Jamas Enright said...

Perhaps when they get to the Promised Land they'll find the Bad Wolf!