Sunday, 7 September 2014

Dis-taste Wars

Um... what? This movie wants to be The Asylum level bad... but, to be honest, it's more Birdemic bad...

A group of scientists are trying to... probe the ocean floor or something? But they set off an undersea earthquake, and now there's a MEGA TSUNAMI! Because that's a thing, and other people know what it is. Other people try to stop it with another tsunami, but of course that doesn't work, that's just stupid. So what they have to do is set off another earthquake, because that makes sense! And amidst all this people are driving around streets and being attacked by random derelicts...

Where to start? The acting is awful. People are just reading lines while the camera is pointed at them. And the biggest name star I can spot is Joe "Wharevulf" Estevez. And the effects... the earthquake shaking is just someone shaking the camera, far more violently than the scene would suggest. Rubble is added so badly in post production CGI you can see exactly every bit done. And the tsunami itself is just large CGI water pasted into the background of a shot of a city.

And as for the plot... it makes no sense. It doesn't help that twenty minutes in (a quarter of the movie!), they are still introducing characters we don't care about! And then random events happen to the characters in the street because... something needs to happen to the 'little people' to make it dramatic! But given the acting and the effects, no it isn't. And the main action is either people sitting in a bunker board room or in the university office.

This doesn't even deserve to be called nanar...

This trailer... almost makes it look watchable.


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