Saturday, 6 September 2014


It's a New Zealand movie, that's horror, and comedy, but doesn't feature vampires. Is this a trend now? I hope so!

Kylie is a young delinquent (I don't think they give her age, so I'm not sure if she's a minor, teenager, or what), who gets into trouble. And the judge assigns her to home detention with her mother, her father having abandoned them. However, small problem, the house is haunted. So thinks her mother. Kylie is more dubious, but several undeniably weird things happen, and her guard (the one looking after her home detention bracelet) gets involves, and events quickly spin out. Without giving more away, I will say that there are several turns and I didn't see what was actually going on coming at all.

My first comment on this movie is that it is horror. And comedy. With very definitely a separation between the two. The horror moments get extremely effective atmosphere, and the comedy is quite hilarious... but the movie switches between them without any concern for the clash of tones. There can be horror, a comedy beat, then back to horror, and that just breaks the tension and rather ruins it. Unfortunate, but this isn't the only problem.

The other one is acting. Morgana O'Reilly has fantastic eyes, and as very expressive. It's good to see Rima Te Wiata again, but I get the feeling she is playing a rather stock comedy role for most of her time. The other main lead is Glen-Paul Waru... and this looks to be his first main fiction lead, and it rather shows.

I want to be able to praise this movie more, and there are some very good moments, but the overall slightly disjointed tone means it doesn't quite get full marks. But very close.


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