Thursday, 16 October 2014

Smash and Grab

I got a large backload of documentaries to watch, and so am likely to click on random files, not remembering what they are, and watching something. For example, The Story of the Pink Panthers.

The Pink Panthers, in this case, is a group of jewellery robbers that operate in Europe, They started in Yugoslavia and after events in that country turned sour, they spread out into Europe, and we follow their story from those beginning to some of their jobs, and through how they happen. It starts with the woman casing the joint (so be suspicious of all women), to the men coming in later and grabbing things (speed is important here), then the courier taking the diamonds and jewels to a contact, who would then refine the diamonds and (mainly) sell them to Americans.

This movie makes this sound almost simple. Just go into a jewellery store, nick stuff, and done. Although there's more to it than that, and the police / Interpol are cracking down on them and have caught quite a few... although there are always more, people willing to try risk for quick and easy money. And I'd be lying if I couldn't see the appeal... although I have no talent for it (although I would say that, wouldn't I?).

Because this involves discussions with actual Pink Panthers members, while a lot of this is actual footage of people reenacting things, of discussions with police members, the scenes with the robbers tend to have a more animated take, with basic representations. And yet, they are well done, and go get a good sense of the emotion conveyed (though use of the eyes, and changing postures).

Quite enjoyable, although the take away message shouldn't be "go on, give this a go".


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