Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Reign of Winter

We are still on the walk, with no rest. Opening a door, we find a dark corridor, so down the passage we go.

We find a room with a skin covered tent and zombie panthers and an annoying creature that goes invisible! The panthers aren't that much of a problem, we all put those down easily. The invisible guy turns up once, and we thwack him about, but then back to invisibility. That is severely annoying.

Wandering on (we can't do anything about the invisible guy) and find a cauldron. And an air elemental. The elemental wasn't that much of a problem (it gets stunned with a first attack, and then a later attack), so that just leaves the cauldron. And herbs. And a Nanoc who doesn't realise that 'no' is a better option. Still, the potions were nice, so that worked out find.

Moving yet more on, we encounter a group of Shadows. With a really annoying ability to damage our Strength attributes, although mine is quite high. The majority of the shadows aren't a problem, a few hits, and down they go, but the Greater Shadow is more annoying and the one I am facing. I hit, it hits, I get damaged, this goes on...

And then my Strength goes to below zero. And down I go. Then back up again as a Shade, but that doesn't last long. The party moves on, and finally finds a place to rest and gather their wits... I mean experience. And get another level, which gives the cleric access to Raise Dead.

So the question now becomes: does Nanoc get raised?


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