Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The List Laght

Okay, this had an interesting premise. And yet...

Something happened, and one party of people who survived is seven strangers in a hospital area, surviving against creatures from outside. And then we follow them as they wander around, and have character based breakdowns, and a huge amount of nothing happens for the bulk of the movie, until the ending in which things might be revealed and nothing surprising happens because the movie has already revealed its pretentious ambitions.

When one character talks to a particular character that no-one else mentions or interacts with, I'm suspicious. And so I could tell a lot of what was coming before revelations, and while I'll admit I didn't see the exact 'truth', it wasn't any form of shock. And this isn't because it was telegraphed heavily, it's more because it just wasn't trying anything surprising.

Leading the way, we have Ed Quinn, whom I last saw on Eureka, and he's looking good. We also have Molly Hagan from Herman's Head (no, I'm not over it) and Jeff Fahey from lots of other things. The effects aren't worth talking about, because it's just seven people in one location and we don't see any monsters or anything. I wouldn't be surprised to find this had a very short shooting time frame.

Another movie to put on the 'meh' list.


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