Saturday, 3 January 2015

Devil on the Mississippi

Another Midnight Mystery, and this time... it's not incredibly obvious who is involved. As it happens, we're digging into the ghost of Samuel Clemens and family.

Although we start with Mark Twain, we quickly slip sideways into William Shakespeare, and who really wrote the plays. Because when Mark Twain got into it, he unleased the devil in Shakespeare's time?? Yeah, that happened. The story in this things get rather weird, and I don't always follow it, but it's all rather linear and doesn't matter too much.

Gameplaywise... this is a lot better over the previous one. It's still more smaller puzzles than hidden objects, but there are more hidden objects this time. And the puzzles make a lot more sense, and it was far easier to work out where to go. And what to combine. It's still annoying how you have to do it, but it doesn't feel as random.

And there are still achievements, of which I got some. Not the ones around never using hints, because that ain't happening. And I didn't get the 70 clovers I needed (and it seems there are 100?). Although I did get all 80 bones. Quite nicely the game has a strategy guide built in so you never get too stuck about what some puzzle wants or something you might miss.

One more to go. It could still be improved, but I'll take the 3rd gameplay again over the 2nd.


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