Friday, 2 January 2015

Salem Witch Trials

This is the second Midnight Mystery, and it is about... you might guess... the Salem Witch Trials, so you know there's going to be someone innocent being accused.

Once again a ghost comes to you and you are pulled into history, of Salem. This chap's family was nasty to witches, so it's up to you to find out the truth. Which, you would think, would involve you finding hidden objects...

But no! Last time, they had hardly any non-hidden object puzzles. Now there are hardly any! Mostly it's go to random room, click on one or two items you are guided to, then on to somewhere else. Oh, and there is item mixing. Extremely obtuse and annoying item mixing. Instead of clicking and dragging and dropping, you need to put one item in the first special mixing box, then put the second item in the second box, then mix them. What? That's really annoying! Not to mention... who would think of combining a broom and a frying pan to make a paddle? Yes, I looked things up online because it wasn't at all clear what I was supposed to be doing!

Even the hidden object themselves weren't much better. There are only ever 12 slots (although some slots may be multiple versions). And boy howdy are they hidden. I often used the lantern (show the silhouette) feature, but only once had to use a full hint... and that was because I had clicked on the item, but not in the right pixel it seemed. Which all meant I couldn't get particular achievements.

Yes, there are achievements which, due to patching, do not register with Steam. And two achievements are using no hints and no lanterns. That ain't happening on my first run through, and there won't be a second. There is also a special mode you unlock by getting 50 clovers, only the game doesn't tell you where (at least which screen) they are in, so I hope you got them all before moving on, because some screens you can't go back to.

This is not a good way to run a hidden object game. Let's see if they've learnt for number three.


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