Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Get Tannen

We are going back to the future, which involves going back to the past, because that's the way this series works.

We get back to the present to find out a few things are wrong, so need to go back in time again to sort them out. Which means a little reusing of sets (in so far as that counts in a computer game) and visiting new ones, as well as revisiting characters old and new. All that in a 2 1/2 hour video game! Only one puzzle had me stumped, and I never would have come up with the solution unless I resorted on clicking every object on every person style of game play. And again not really QTE fights, although there was one fight. Most of the time, including then, it was fairly clear what was intended.

But one thing that is bad about this game is the camera. It's a fixed camera perspective, and the controls can get very wonky when the angles change. I can be pushing up, but when the camera changes, I'm now moving left, even though I'm still pushing up, and some times changing to pushing left will work and some times not... that's not good. (And when they say use the right mouse button to run, they are lying. Use shift instead. Oh, and guess at the controls, because there's no control screen, let alone rebindable keys.)

Still, I still enjoyed it, and it's a great set up for episode 3.


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