Monday, 5 January 2015

It's About Time

No, this isn't about Doctor Who, but another time travelling franchise: Back to the Future! In particular, the Telltale Game thereof. This is certainly before their current heyday... and it shows. This is episode one of five.

This is set after the movies, with Marty moping around because his friend has gone. And then the Delorean turns up, so engage the time hijinks! This time, it's back into history of the year 1931, and we find out that Doc's in trouble. Because that never happens. And, of course, Marty's own family are involved, as well as Tannen (so get ready for poop jokes!).

Gameplay wise... this isn't a patch on what happens in their other games. It is pretty much just choose a moment of dialogue, then go to next bit. There's no QTE segments per se (there was one, which I completely goofed on until I saw the hint of what I was supposed to be doing), and certainly no failure states. Speaking of the hint system... that was really annoying when I had that on. Just on the lowest setting, but it constantly had a box in the upper corner saying "have you done this yet?" Got rid of that pretty quickly.

Still, I did enjoy it, and there's still four more episodes to go!


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