Friday, 16 January 2015

Girl Goneburgers

It's a David Fincher film, therefore it has to be good? Right? Unfortunately, I went into this knowing the big twist, so that didn't get me at all, but I could watch the movie unfold knowing that was coming.

Nick comes home to find his wife, Amy, missing. Presumed kidnapped. But then clues get uncovered that indicate that there might be more at stake, something fatal. And who's always the first suspect? The husband. No, really. The first suspect is the husband or the wife or some close family member. That's far more likely than some random stranger. Only in this case, it's more than that.

My main problem with this movie is that it's two and a half hours... and it feels like it. Surely you could cut it down, take an hour out, and still get the same point? Did Gillian Flynn really need all that time? I can't say I want to read the book now.

So... yeah... been lots of plaudits for this, and that, but... no, not for me.


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