Thursday, 15 January 2015

Going Hard on Tomb Raider

Yes, it's another Tomb Raider post! What can I say? I like the game! It's fun to play, and satisfies any 'third-person shooter with minor puzzles' urge I have. But this time I played it through on Hard mode. Because why not?

At times I had to remember that I was on Hard mode, because it felt a lot like the normal game I remembered. I still died often (but I did that in the normal game), but that didn't bug me. What did bug me was the loading times. I was happy to retry, but not happy to wait for the chance to do so. Get on with it! (This is probably partly because I don't have a 'gaming rig', just a normal years old pc.)

By the end, I had all the skills mastered, but not all the weapons upgraded. I wonder if the cost of upgrades changes depending on mode? I was worried about running out of ammo, but that only happened a few times. One particularly nasty fight I took more cautiously than usual, and hardly died at all!

So, that's three times... I can see me still going back for another run, but I will try to move onto something else.


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