Friday, 30 January 2015


One of the many movies that came out in a splurt based on a TV series.

The Jupiter 2 (launched inside the Jupiter 1) is heading for Alpha Prime to set up a HyperGate to allow travel to and from Earth. However, bad guys get Dr Smith to sabotage the systems, and so they need to randomly jump around to avoid the sun and then they get... title drop! And beyond being lost in space, they kick it up a notch by being lost in time as well, with random time travel elements for no readily good reason. And spiders. Which also don't really have much to do with the plot about how John Robinson is a bad father. Also featuring a kid we don't care about who is replaced with an adult we don't care about.

Yeah, this is a mess of a plot. This doesn't have anything to add to the 'father doesn't get on with son' trope. There was a subplot with the women, but that got cut for time, despite sounding more interesting. Also more interesting is what the writer had in mind for the sequel... but I can't say I'm shocked it never happened.

Okay, at the time, I liked this. I even have the soundtrack CD somewhere. Some decent thumping tunes. The acting isn't that great, outside of Gary Oldman, but I had lower thresholds when this came out. Although I will point out this was doing the slow motion pan around characters before The Matrix did it!

When I watched this the other day, what I got from it was a better idea about how to use time travel portals... so there's that.



Al said...

I liked the very brief cameo that something resembling the original 'Robot' makes. Beyond that, I was amazed that they didn't use Bill Mumy for the role of the adult Will Robinson - but I guess he was busy with Babylon 5 at the time?

Jamas Enright said...

Yeah, shame they couldn't get all of them in there, but, as you say, Bill was kinda busy at the time.