Thursday, 29 January 2015

Very Near Mint

It's another set of comics that I Kickstartered! Mainly because I could get the whole collection at once. I'm more inclined to back for that.

The story starts in a comic store, making me feel reminiscent of Clerks, only in a comics store. But then there's a rival comic store opening across the street, and it all goes crazy from then! There's a long backstory as to why the other comic store opened, and how it relates back to them, and how the phrase 'Very Near Mint' ties into it all... but I won't give it away, because you can read it for yourself.

This is mainly black and white, with a nice art design. Some of the speech bubbles were hard to follow (being 'cute' with layout is no excuse for making narrative hard to follow), but otherwise fine.

This is a large story spread over three volumes. It's an easy read, and no doubt you can get it from their website.


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