Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Mirror Mysteries 2

I played through Mirror Mysteries before, so was ready for MM2.

The kid, Tommy, from the last game came back, found the mirror, and got trapped. So enter us to delve into the various mirror worlds to fix them and sort everything out. This felt shorter than the previous game, only three worlds, and just a few rooms in each world. And it also felt simpler. Did they just knock this out to meet some requirement, or thinking this would hit big because this was a sequel? Certainly, there's no third game.

One thing that is different from normal hidden object games is that instead of a list, we see the images of the objects. And they are components of an item, so although there is a lot of general hidden object items on the screen, we only want particular items. Ignore the cats and vases and oddly placed knives, etc. This can still be just as annoying (one item I sure I clicked on turned out to be what I wanted, the one time I had to use a hint...) as looking for general objects, so that still fits.

There are also puzzles, however they aren't particularly difficult and could be brute forced if needed (make sure you know the astrological signs of the zodiac!).

A nice quick game, with the emphasis on quick.


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