Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Imation Game

No, I didn't go see this because of Benedict Cumberbatch, but because this was about Alan Turing. And, knowing movies, I wanted to see if they could squeeze in a love story with a woman.

This takes place over three times. In 1951, when Alan Turing was robbed, and found out. In 19... can't remember, when he was a boy, in first blush of love. But mainly during World War 2 in which he did most of the work we know him for in breaking the Enimga machine. Which was both harder and easier than the movie shows, but movies must be made. And, yes, there is a female love interest of a sort (a platonic love in this case). And it shows off how well we treat our war heroes.

This hit most of the beats I knew of. And the movie treated his homosexuality well, if rather harshly by today's standards. We get good acting all around, including from Mr Cumberbatch, and some neat looking sets. Including a rather more extreme version of the machine Turing built, if they could have put in a machine that went ping I'm sure they would have.

As a docudrama, probably more drama than docu, but still a good watch.


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