Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Big Stall

Another Kickstarter I only got around to read is The Big Stall, part of Arsenic Lullaby.

This is only 60 odd pages, but the key point is that they are very odd pages. The humour is very dark, and twisted... and I like that! See what lengths Cthulhu will go to, what happens outside an abortion clinic, the story of Baron Von Donut.... yeah, it's weird, but it is good.

And he (the writer Douglas Paszkiewicz) also thinks about flow across the comic page. At the end of the volume, he shows how panels are set up so that characters lead the eye from one panel to the next, from one line to the next. It's an interesting point I never considered before.

Check out the site and you can pick up comics from the store.


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