Wednesday, 21 January 2015

My 'McDonalds' Job

I refer to a 'McDonalds' job as the one you get in your late teens, that pays minimum wage, and the sort of thing that wears you down immediately. Usually in the fast food industry, but not exclusively.

For example, my job was at The Warehouse, down in Lower Hutt. (It's no longer there now.) I was there just when initial construction was finished, and they were getting ready to open. I helped to load things onto shelves! Ooh, the excitement! Yeah, I'm not one for lifting heavy things, so that was fun.

And then the store opened, and my hours changed. I still stocked shelves, but my hours were... midnight to 8.30am. Not a rotating shift or anything, just early am hours each week. It completely did my head in.

(And this was I at school, so I had to take a few days off for exams.)

I was employed around October, I think? And went through to just after Christmas. My friend joined in the last few weeks, and we probably spent a bit too much time talking to each other. They viewed me as barely competent, and I reflected those views. So then they let me go.

Still... it was a job, and I would go on to many better things... like being a secretary! But that's another story for another day....


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