Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Edgar Poe Conspiracy

Hey, it's holidays! So why not catch up with some of them there vidya games? First up, a hidden object game, Midnight Mystery #1.

You are a writer exposing mysteries, and somehow you get on the trail of Edgar Allen Poe, and his ghost comes to you and needs you to find out what happened to him by midnight or he will be dragged to hell. (Because... vidya games!) And so, you go into his stories, then find out they were told based on real things, and you find objects to find the truth of the mysteries. And help / fight other ghosts. Because... vidya games!

The most annoying aspect of this game is that the hidden objects are only listed eight items at a time, even when it says there are more than eight, but you can't move to the next part of the list until you've picked up the first lot. That just... no. Let me go at my own pace, and if I can grab some other items, that's fine, nothing will break. On the other hand, it will, for free, allow you to select an item and it will show you the silhouette, which is a great help I wish was in other games.

And nearly all the games are hidden object. Usually there's some other puzzles thrown in, but there are only around three things you are doing that aren't finding objects, and they aren't complicated at all. Could do with more to break it up.

The story itself is rather... silly, to be honest, but there are another three of these to see if they do something better with.


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