Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Room Two

I played The Room, and said I would play the sequel... which took me a few days, but I did!

This continues on from where the first left off. We are trapped, but now we have some puzzles to solve to get us out. It seems to involve us jumping around in time? Maybe? Or space? Or distorted dimensions? Or something. And then the ending happens, which I summarise with "pardonfuck?!"

The puzzles are more of the same (although there no instances of where you need to physically tilt the tablet). There were one or two that were not at all obvious, but for the most put it was clearer what to do than in One. There was more disconnect with the groups of puzzles too, just jumping around with no real overarching connective story. Oh... and it went for a little too long. They could have cut one or two of the rooms out without taking away from the adventure. (Although I am now levelled up to level 11 on Google...)

Still, a fun experience, and definitely one to go for if you like your interactive puzzle games. There may be a Three some time?


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