Monday, 26 January 2015

Welcome to The Rock

Yes, it's a Michael Bay movie from 1996... but I like it! It's a fun action piece that has many of his traits.

Because of military cover ups, Ed Harris (I don't remember character names, but it doesn't really matter) takes over The Rock, making Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage, with a team of Navy Seals, to infiltrate the island. Which then goes immediately wrong, but that's okay, because Sean and Nicholas are all you need to get a hold of 15 missiles, and defeat a squadron of armed and pissed off mercenaries.

There are a lot of set pieces, which is Bay's thing, It's flashy, it doesn't stand up to scrutiny... but, as I said, it's fun. And the soundtrack... oh there are some great pieces in this.

Lots of wonderful posturing from the actors in this too. Ed Harris doesn't get enough praise for this, and he and David Morse have a wonderful dynamic together of men who've seen too much battle, but refrain from being complete monsters.

This is very watchable, and very enjoyable.


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