Friday, 23 January 2015

Throne of Justice

It's another Justice League animated movie. Still using New 52 ideas. In fact, it even refers back to War.

This is basically Arthur's origin story. He's just a guy in a lighthouse. His father just died, and now strange creatures are turning up to kill him. You know, an average story. And the other super powers are just hanging out, not really a league yet either. But as Atlantis starts to wage war on the surface world, both parties are drawn in and then it's all about Atlantis coming for you... when by "then", I mean over half way through the movie. The first 45 minutes are essentially exposition, leaving an action filled 30 minutes. I hope the original comic wasn't as unbalanced as that.

Pacing issues aside, this is a decent story. We get the crew back together to provide voices (it's odd seeing Green Lantern listed above Superman, but Nathan Fillion is a bigger name than Jerry O'Connell). The animation and everything else follows the style of War... is this DC Animated trying to make their own series of movies with continuity? They don't really come out often enough, or with enough of a splash to pull that off.

I can't say I'm jumping into New 52 (especially when it's likely to be changed again!), but it's good to see it supported with decent animation.


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