Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Room

The Room was recommended to me (as part of the general audience) heavily... so I finally gave it a try.

No, not the movie, the game! (Which has nothing to do with the movie.)

This is a puzzle game. You are presented with a large table/safe thing, and you move it around and solve various puzzles. While I would like to say I solved them without needing help, I at least had to use the in-game help a few times. But that was as far as it went. Some puzzles where harder than others, but most were straight forward, just fiddly.

One type of puzzle in particular completely caught me out. You won't see this game on Steam any time soon, and (as you'll see from the link) I got it on my Android tablet... because for some puzzles, it uses the orientation of the tablet itself, and you tilt it back and forth to move some pieces around. Not often, but I wasn't expecting it. (Okay, you could easily replace them with 'move around with the mouse', but it wouldn't be as fun.) Because a large component of this, as they say, is the tactile sense. You move the switches, you rotate the pieces, you put your fingers all over the screen (hopefully you have a protector!) and push things around! It's neat!

And the story is interesting too. We have the four elements, but what of the fifth? This is the story of that element. (Although you can ignore it if you really want to.)

I liked it... and onto The Room 2!


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