Friday, 27 February 2015

Apocalips Now

Yeah, it's another of those big movies that everyone talks about, and now it's on my seen list.

Willard goes up river to find someone who went really up the river, and in doing so ends up up the river himself. While Kurtz is insane, every aspect of the army we see is just as crazy, which is partly the point, and seeing that and what trying to be sane does to you, drives you doolally as well.

Damn, but this is a well done movie. Although it could be taken as army propaganda, that view doesn't stay long. Coppola right deserves credit for this, the scenes are well shot and the performances are fitting. This was a movie I wanted to keep watching because of how well told the story was.

And the names, Marlon Brando (who's hardly in it, to be honest), Martin Sheen, Dennis Hopper, Lawrence Fishburne, Harrison Ford, Robert Duvall...

I saw the Redux (so far longer) version. Well worth the watch.


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