Thursday, 26 February 2015

Yacob's Ladder

I've heard of this as a great horror movie. I love horror movies, so I definitely wanted to check this out.

Something happens to Jacob in Vietnam, and after returning to his normal life, he slowly sees strange things, weird events happen to him, and demons are around. And other members of his platoon are also suffering this, but investigation into what happen draws a little too much attention. Reality collapses around him, and images of his dead son haunt him. Will he ever find out what is going on?

Which I guessed early on. Because I've seen the same idea used elsewhere, so I could see it coming. And I think it works well enough, not too overplayed, and if you haven't got it yet, it does seem outre... but horror? I'm not feeling it. Not in the normal horror sense anyway. Mental trauma horror, maybe, but it's not like people are attacked. Or there's a slow build of anything threatening. Drama and mystery, yeah, suspense, definitely, but horror? It's not.

There's good acting, and there's nice camera work. The big effects are basically people moving their heads fast, which was overused when it was invented and just feels dated now., I'm probably missing something?


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