Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Jur-ASS-ic City

I know what you're thinking. "It's out already?" But that's not the amazing thing. Because this is City, not World. No, the amazing thing is this wasn't produced by The Asylum.

Take a look at this poster. Take a good look.

There are two things wrong. One: the dinosaurs aren't that big, they're barely larger than a person. And two: by city, they mean abandoned prison facility they were allowed to shoot in, and a few random streets in nowhere suburbia.

The story is... does it matter? I already mentioned the prison facility, so start there, add in ditzy women (because that seems to be the only type Sean Cain can write. Think of a stereotype, and there you are), and mix in some basic upsized old style raptors, and there you go. Why does this happen? Who knows. Or cares. Dinosaurs! And then it ends up leading into what could easily be a sequel, at which point it might actually earn the title.

Acting wise, not bad. Effects wise, not bad (except when they need to interact with the actors). Production wise... not bad either. If he hadn't gone for schlock, Sean Cain might actually be able to do a decent movie.

But no, we have this. And this is about what you'd expect.


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