Thursday, 5 February 2015

John Woah-ick

It's Keanu Reeves in his best performance ever... in which he only has ten lines!

John's wife died, and she bequeathed him a dog. Which is then killed by some Russian gangsters and they steal his car. Only problem is... he's John Wick. So he goes after them. We get some very threatening stories about how bad ass he is... as it turns out, the Russian gang was one he used to work for! Convenient! And so he can rampage on as many bad guys as he likes. And then, around 3/4 into the movie, it goes mightily off the rails as we get a whole slew of domino deaths...

I had heard good things and was looking forwards to this. But... it's all right. It's not amazing. There are a fair few action pieces, slick looking. There is minimal character development, if any. And half the dialogue is drowned out by the soundtrack, of which there's plenty. Keanu is all right, although his suit must be very sweat stain resistant. (As all clothes in movies appear to be.)

And again I had a thought which has often occurred to me. You have these tales of this super hit man, and you are a minor goon protecting some big shot that is targetted... at which point do you go "hey, this isn't worth it?" All those people taken out with one hit, that's a terrible career path.

So yeah, it was a movie, and I watched it, and... there you go.


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