Monday, 23 February 2015

May of the Dummy

How do you make a movie with two main guest stars (at least, I'm guessing one of them is a main star, he doesn't seem to have been in stuff I've seen), but not actually have them out of location so you can shoot the movie with a bunch of c-cast stars? Answer, a shaky cam movie!

Jack Wells is the most amazing man in the world evah. He gets the womens without trying (and surprisingly, the person acting him did not write the script or direct this). He is brought on to find out what happened to a previous expedition, so he joins a group of five people to wander into the desert, find a cave, and promptly fail to do anything competent. And, after 60 minutes of this 75 minute movie, find a monster mummy thing. Which looks decent enough, but clearly just someone in a mummy outfit. Then have a copout ending that doesn't mean anything.

So the stars in this movie are Danny Glover, who only appears in an insert shot, so all his scenes were probably shot in a day in his own room. And William McNamara, the guy with the camera in his glasses so we see a shot with an overlay and see occasional body parts, but only see his face in like three scenes, but otherwise is just ADR. Which was clearly done in a different time and place to the rest of the audio which sounds like it was shot with a can around the microphone.

The rest of the cast is expendable men, except for the one woman who of course ends up having sex with Jack Wells because of how world amazing he is.

Yeah. No. But I knew that going in, and just wanted to see something rubbish.


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