Sunday, 22 February 2015


It's manga time! This was something I picked up a while ago and only now got around to reading. Taimashin The Red Spider Exorcist.

This is weird supernatural horror... from Japan, so it's actually good. The first story arc has a young woman wandering around a city, getting attacked, trying to be with her boyfriend, and getting attack more. Fortunately, she now has Akamushi to protect her... who is a priest type character that is actually a spider. And he controls spiders. Hey, I said weird supernatural horror. In the other arc, a young girl (and I mean she's 13!) spots Akamushi and wants to be his bride, but although he's not up for that, he is drawn to her and finds out about her families history with the Laughing Face. Yeah, it gets weird.

One thing that's a shame about this is that it's in black and white. So many good Japanese horror manga... so many limited by a lack of colour. Greyscale can only convey so much.

I've gotten three volumes so far, and there are six to date (this being a regular monthly thing, I have no idea how many there will be). I will get the others, and recommend them to you.


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