Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Project Almanacki

I haven't heard much about this film, but I saw it had come out, and the one line teaser sounded interesting enough, so, what the hey, let's give this a go.

First, it's basically a found footage movie... wait, wait, come back. It's not all bad. It's also an MTV film... okay, now we should be worrying. And the acting is not good. At least, at the beginning it's not good. It does get better later on, but it takes a while.

Mechanical bright boy tries to get into MIT, sort of succeeds, but can't afford it. Looking for more scholarship ideas, he and his sister finds an old video camera from his 7th birthday party... which has him in it... his 17 year old self. What the? Yep, there's a time machine in the offering, and dude and his friends eventually get it working (although they can't go back too far), and have fun. Except then there are repercussions from playing around with the time line...

Which gets to the point of this doesn't remind me of Chronicle so much as a wannabe Primer. That doesn't want to be too challenging. And I do want to watch Primer again, which I've said before, so I should get around to that.

The acting isn't much, there are some nice effects... however the editing was shocking. I could easily spot cuts due to someone passing in front of frame.

This probably didn't deserve a theatrical release, but there are worse movies out there.


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