Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Beg Libowski

All right, all right. Everyone goes on and on about this, so fine, I've now seen it... And?

I doubt I need to talk about the plot, considering that everyone else has already seen this movie, most likely many times, and could tell me what happens. A wee tale of a dude that gets caught up in events that quickly spiral out of control before a final resolution that is typical for this sort of movie.

And by 'this sort of movie', I mean Coen brothers. This is a good Coen brothers movie, don't get me wrong. But what I'm not getting is why is this a huge smash hit over, say, Burn After Reading, which I was reminded of at many times in terms of 'little people caught up in big events'. As it is, I'm now putting this in my 'watched' pile, with no big intention to ever dig it back out for a rewatch.

The Dude Abides. Good for him. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got other stuff to do.


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