Sunday, 8 February 2015

The Hackney of Cellblock !1

Let's see. Paranormal investigators, check. Not getting good ratings, check. Actual supernatural place, check. Okay, let's buckle in.

And that pretty much summarises everything about this movie. They got a show that isn't working, so get a hold of a prison cellblock, and, as they put it, 'spooky shit' happens. These people are supposed to be professionals, and have supposedly seen this before, but act like they're 16 year old girls in a slasher movie at a lake side. First order of business, panic and run around without a plan. Second thing, split up as often as possible. I'm not surprised their show sucks if they act like that!

There is a modicum of originality in the wider plot story for why this is happening, and how that is resolved, but that's about five minutes worth of screen time, and the rest of it is by the numbers. They should just consider themselves lucky they didn't have a larger cast to get killed off. And the 'subplot' about not being able to have a baby was just lame, and didn't actually go anywhere.

Another one for the pile.


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