Saturday, 7 February 2015

Lord of the Wellington

I finally got around to it, doing the Lord of the Rings tour for locations in our very own Wellington! And took photos!

The first half was tramping around up in Mount Victoria, seeing locations from the Outer Shire area. And I hid from a rider.

Then we went to Weta Cave where I again saw the DVD (which was different, but still not updated to include the Hobbit), and toured the Workshop, although nothing really new there. And, yes, I brought something... treasure!

In the second half, we went out to the Hutt. First stopping at Anduin river... aka the Hutt river, then on to lunch in Rivendell. More commonly known as Kaitoke (where I took a walk), but also the site of Rivendell itself! A badly edited video (I took out most of what the guide says... if you want to hear it, take the talk!) is:

Then we headed down to outside of Isengard, where I walked as a wizard.

And looked over at Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith... aka a quarry we couldn't go in.

A full day, with lots of locations and stories. Huzzah!


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