Friday, 20 February 2015

TR: Season of the Witch

Now, this is the comic that's set between the games. And being a comic, it's far more visual and more evocative of the games, moreso when they repeat locations.

By which I mean they go back to the island of Yamati. Really? This is the worst kind of sequel which is just a repeat of the first go. There's something odd going on, which ties back to events on the island, so it builds to a climax there... which is kind of disappointing. Gail Simone could have gone anywhere, but this? This isn't trying. Maybe there'll be a volume 2? (Especially as the 'witch' never turned up.)

However, this Lara is far more the PC we played. She has the same equipment, and is ready to kill to defend her friends and stop the bad guys. ...which does make me wonder how she ends up in therapy for the next game? She seems very well adjusted for all this. Yes, you can talk about loopy negative disco dance in video games, but I'm getting it from the books as well!

Despite the attention around the comic, of course the game makers can't rely on people having read it, so I'm not expecting big references to it. It's a decent story.


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