Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A History of Violence

The film society is back in action, and the first one we see is from David Cronenberg.

Tom Stall is a middle town America man, but when two bad guys come into his diner, he puts them down, and easily. Because he has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Mob guys get interested in him, and his own son beats up a bully, perpetuating a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. After dealing with the mob guys, he has more history to deal with, but will his family want to have anything to do with someone linked with a society that has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE?

This is a very good movie, it unfolds well, and although I should have seen where it was going, I was surprised by it. I'm not entirely sure I buy Viggo Mortensen as the lead, but, hey, ladies, you get to see Viggo ass! There are good performances from Maria Bello and Ed Harris, although William Hurt is hardly in it.

The question is, can the film society keep this quality of selection up?


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