Monday, 2 March 2015


I'm going to be very unfair. I think the first five minutes of this movie happened to scriptwriter Nick Gorman and then he wrote the rest of this movie as revenge fantasy.

Needing cash, a young woman agrees to join a dorm room with camera and live on the web. So, of course, the movie shows that only perverted people are interested in this. But one chap in particular gets a fetish on for the women that finally goes too far. And when he is mocked (and of course he is portrayed as ugly, because movies), he goes on an amazingly successful revenge spree that no-one but about two or three people notice, because this is one of the most popular cam sites ever...

There isn't anything redeeming about this. Showing off on camera = death sentence, that's about the size of it, and as far as any kind of morality goes. Other than maybe 'don't mock ugly guys who have surprising computer skills and are prone to going around killing people'. The whole movie feels exploitive, and not at all showing any sense of 'these women are doing this because they want to', but because they need the money/drugs/anything else. I'm sure to be wrong about the whys behind this movie's creation, but it's hard to tell differently.

Watch this if you want some titillation, but it's not anything to take seriously.


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