Monday, 9 March 2015

Amonger the Sleeper

My mother board decided to give up working, so I needed a new computer... which meant I could try a few games that didn't work on my old machine! Such as... Among the Sleep.

And yes, I finally got to the last level, where the game just crashed right before it. But not anymore! However, I had seen others play it, so I knew what to expect. I did get extra sounds now, so that was cool... but I knew it was more bark than bite.

Fortunately, there was also DLC.. and I could play that as well! You need to go around and collect your toys around the house... and it's a large house. I think I got lost, just moving on until I found something that worked. And not as many scares (although it is shorter). That said, there was one death, down in the basement, which was a neat wee creature. I did wonder if I had to do something else, but retried and got through. This, in some ways, was more lenient than the main game. More puzzle moments where there is no danger so I could sit and think. Nice, but the lack of danger did undercut the game.

On the whole... still good. I wonder if there will be a follow up, because I would like to see more. Maybe another Kickstarter to come?


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