Sunday, 8 March 2015

Lordy of the Rings

I went on an epic journey the other month... listening to an unabridged audiobook of LOTR. Around 50 hours, we're talking. Still, I found it far easier to get through than what I remember my experiences reading the book. And, no doubt, remembering the movie so I knew where I was helped too.

And speaking of the movie, this shows up just how much is cut out. Just Book 1 (of the six books) is compressed so much. Never mind missing Tom Bombadil, there are elves, and stopping in at various places and such that barely get a reference.

Speaking of the books, Newline Cinema missed a trick, didn't they? They wanted plenty of money movies, people complained the movies they got were too long, and there really are six books... (and The Hobbit showed that one book could become three movies, so...)

One amusing note, the title of the three books that are used "Fellowship of the Ring", "Two Towers", "Return of the King" refer to events Aragorn is involved in. Frodo and Sam don't get a look in! Who's the hero of this supposed to be?

Anyway, it was a good listen, and now I will ponder if there are any other of the remaining documents worth visiting...


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